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Support Services



Dynamic Training is committed to providing high quality support services to students including the maintenance of sufficient support staff to meet the needs of all students enrolled with Dynamic Training.  Student support services will be regularly reviewed through Dynamic Training Continuous Improvement Policy.  Services provided by Dynamic Training are at no additional cost to the students. Where external support services may be required, Dynamic Training will not charge the students for the referral.

Orientation Program

  • Dynamic Training is committed to ensuring that all students receive support to study. An orientation program will be compulsory for all students prior to starting their course.
  • Orientation programs will be conducted at the beginning of each course intake. Where a student is admitted to a course late, the Compliance Manager or course Coordinator will go through the orientation on an individual basis.
  • • The orientation program will include information provided through a power point presentation on:
    • Student support services
    • Fees and fee refunds
    • Training and Assessment
    • Recognition of prior learning / credit transfer
    • Student Complaints and Appeals Procedure
    • Student code of behaviour
    • Attendance requirements
    • College facilities and resources
    • A tour of the college
    • Other related policies

Learning Support

  • Students are provided with a range of learning support options and resources to help them meet course requirements and maintain attendance. This includes:
    • Mentoring from appropriately qualified trainers including their phone and email contact details.
    • Tutorial support assistance.
    • Computer and technology support.

Additional Support Services

  • Provision of additional support services will be provided where necessary to enable students to participate in the same way as any other person regardless of whether support services have been required.
  • Where there is perceived difficulty in achieving learning goals, the trainer will discuss these issues with the student. The student will be provided with information about possible alternative pathways, additional tools and resources available, and options and choices for accessing a supportive network. The information provided will vary depending on the individual needs of the student.
  • Upon successful completion of the qualification Dynamic Training will provide assistance in entering the workforce by providing Professional Coaching, CV Development and Interview skills to all students.

Welfare Services

  • Welfare services can include services that address equity issues, peer mentoring, programs promoting social interaction, stress-management. It may also include advice on academic and study issues.
  • Services will be provided at no additional cost to the student.
  • Information about support services available are provided in the Student Handbook. Students are also informed about these services at Orientation.

Informing Students

  • Students will be advised of the support services available to them through the publication of this policy in the Student Handbook and website.
  • All support services information will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it is current and accurate.

Accessing Services

  • Students wishing to access any support services should discuss this with their trainer/assessor or call our office. Contact details for relevant staff are included in the Student Handbook.

Student Safety

  • Dynamic Training takes the safety of its students very seriously. Its duty of care in this respect includes the provision of safety information to the students throughout the delivery of the course as it deems appropriate, especially in the aftermath of a critical incident. This includes ensuring that classes will not be scheduled outside of 0800 hours to 2200 hours on any day.
  • Dynamic Training advises all students to follow basic security measures such as ensuring that they are accounted for when on campus, refraining from any fights with bullies, encouraging students to use the designated preferred pedestrian routes to/from its campus, being aware of the position of the fire extinguishers, participating in fire drills throughout the year, and notifying staff members of any unusual events.
  • Dynamic Training also provides first aid kits in training facilities and at the reception desk.





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